Just when you give up and think cold temps will never cease, horse racing season starts and rites of spring begins.  Just as azaleas at the Masters give hope to snowbirds everywhere, the Iroquois Steeplechase  brings Nashvillians out onto the hillside  sporting fancy hats,  picnic baskets, and a penchant for parties and fun. The most fun thing about the Nashville Steeplechase is seeing old friends all weekend.  It’s a wonderful homecoming opportunity and one you rarely want to miss.  While you do watch the races, it’s the people watching and friends visiting that makes it most fun.

Three Amigas-Cool Hats, Hot Race Day

Three Amigas-Cool Hats, Hot Race Day

Speaking of parties, my dear friend, Lisa, hosted a  cute post “chase” party for her newlywed daughter and son in law this weekend.  Our small group of friends dropped by, too.  She casually set the most beautiful table on her screened porch that served barbecue with all the fixins, in an elegant, outdoor southern fashion.  Notice the cute Lucite supper trays organized and set for guests.  It’s a perfect example of how to entertain with ease and style.

Lisa's Perfect Table Setting for Post Race Barbecue Supper

Lisa’s Perfect Table Setting for Post Race Barbecue Supper

 Cooking for love sometimes means sharing your home and hearth with those you love.  Even if you don’t make the food, you can set a cozy table and create a warm environment that makes your guests feel special and never want to leave.  This is ten times better than what any restaurant can ever offer.  And at the end of it all, we put our feet in the water, while sipping iced tea and swapping stories. We made some great memories this weekend.

Cooling off sipping iced tea and telling stories

Cooling our feet while sipping iced tea