I could not be more proud than I am today of my daughter-in-law, Saima.  Pregnant with her second baby, she has struggled with foods that taste good to her.  She texted me Monday with a craving for my omelets.   She wanted me to make them for her since she felt badly and needed something soothing. She has always watched me make them but this time she watched with purpose and asked several questions which I thought was unusual. Then all the sudden, she texted me these pictures! She made this omelet herself to perfection yesterday!  She really surprised me with these pictures she took in her kitchen with her own pans.  They are perfect!

Step one: She sautéed shallots and peppers in butter.


Step two: She added the eggs, stirred them, then let set. After eggs set, she used a rubber spatula and lifted part of the set eggs, tiled to let runny egg go underneath, then tiled another side. She continued this until all runny eggs were cooked. She topped the cooked eggs with shredded cheese. Then she was ready to flip half the egg over so it looks like this. The heat of the eggs melt the cheese.


Teach cooking to someone special in your life. Or ask that they teach you how. It is an awesome thing to share. See my eBook for the omelet recipe or see my cooking video for cooking omelets.









She folded her first  omelet....It's perfect!

She folded her first omelet….It’s perfect!

Needless to say, Saima is an excellent student!  We have so much fun cooking together.  Share a recipe with someone you care about.  Take pictures and surprise your loved one.  It means so much and will bring love and laughter to you both.

Bon Appétit!

Bon Appétit!