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24 12, 2014

Family Time Is The Best Time To Share Stories, Recipes, Laughter, and Food

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We have so much fun when we are all together! The fire crackles in the fire place, my cousin “Shag” is tending the bar, making sure everyone has a drink in hand and while he’s making jokes, making everyone laugh, while we are all catching up. My littl […]

15 12, 2014

12 Days of Christmas

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The 12 Days of Christmas…..Here’s a good list of things to do!

The holidays are a time for family and great eats where the key ingredients are easily cooking and love! Here are 12 ways to celebrate and appreciate best moments of the holidays.

O […]

15 12, 2014

Three Perfect Holiday Cocktails

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Festive Holiday Drinks

There are many opportunities to serve holiday drinks. This time of year, it seems there are parties, potlucks, family visits, friends stopping by with gifts, or maybe you are hosting a get together or dinner. No matter the […]