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27 05, 2014

Post ALTA Season Luncheon for Our A-1 Sunday Team

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The Atlanta Lawn and Tennis Association is an extremely competitive tennis league, with more than 93,000 active  members who compete in the regularly held sanctioned tournaments throughout metro Atlanta and surrounding counties.  It provides excellent com […]

22 05, 2014

Cooking With The Girls while Sipping Wine Is A Guaranteed Good Time!

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Cooking for love means cooking with friends you care about.   There is nothing like hanging out in the kitchen with your girlfriends!  Whenever I go back home, I try to get a few friends together and create a casual impromptu dinner party.  I have a 100% […]

12 05, 2014

Steeplechase Weekend in Nashville…..Horse Racing Brings Rites of Spring

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Just when you give up and think cold temps will never cease, horse racing season starts and rites of spring begins.  Just as azaleas at the Masters give hope to snowbirds everywhere, the Iroquois Steeplechase  brings Nashvillians out onto the hillside  sp […]

9 05, 2014

St. Catherine’s Monthly Dinners Offer Intimate, Fun Ladies’ Night Out…

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An uninformed person hearing the words “St. Catherine’s dinner”, a guild that is part of the Episcopal Cathedral, or “a church ladies’ group”,  one could visualize Saturday night live’s Church Lady in which Dana Carvey ‘s  old lady character yells at ever […]

3 05, 2014

Before Traveling, Make Homemade Granola for the Trip

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I have wanted to figure out a good, quick, simple recipe for granola.  I must have finally succeeded because everyone, including my hubby, demands one of these bags of freshly baked granola.  It is so easy!

I decided to make a huge batch while I was at […]