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28 04, 2014

Monday Nights don’t have to be Boring just because they’re a School Night…..

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I stumbled onto this recipe and thought it a good one to spice up an otherwise typical Monday night.   School is almost out,  everyone is busy, spring is upon us, why not cook something to get everyone into the mood?

While I was making this dish, my hu […]

26 04, 2014

Friday Night: Teaching my Beautiful Daughter in Law How to Cook

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It’s so much fun to share  cooking with people you love.  You end up bonding over little things and develop quiet understandings through the preparation of a meal.

My daughter in law, Saima, and I are having such a great time during our cooking lessons. […]

22 04, 2014

Easter Weekend……Cooking with Family….Even if it Didn’t Turn Out Perfectly

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Sometimes the best laid plans do not result in the perfect meal.  When this happens don’t get upset or allow the little things to detract from the objective of sharing a meal with people you love. Over Easter my husband’s parents visited on their drive ba […]

15 04, 2014

Why men like your cooking even it it is not great…..he’s just happy that you made it for him!

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I have to laugh. I have read some very funny articles and quotes from various followers. On the subject of cooking for men, the man is not expecting a gourmet dinner! Actually, just the opposite. There is no need to get worried, or practice a lot before y […]

7 04, 2014

Traveler’s Tale of Food

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My husband and I were in Charlevoix MI a few years ago for a week in early August to get away from the Atlanta heat. We stayed with my best friend, Irene, in her family cottage and had fun seeing our mutual friends. Whenever Irene and I travel together, I […]

7 04, 2014

Men Want Women Who Cook

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I stumbled onto a two year old blog. A woman was writing about dating and the subject of cooking while dating came about. Readers blogged away asking, “at what stage in a relationship do you cook for someone you like?”. A bunch of men wrote in and said “i […]