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29 06, 2014

Why I Love Friends of English Avenue

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I love spending time volunteering at  Friends of English Avenue!  You won’t believe what all happens there everyday!  FEA is growing  1,600 pounds of organic vegetables on inner city property per year that feeds the entire English Avenue and Elm Street ne […]

28 06, 2014

Cooking for two …..Why does it work?

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It’s important to have him wash the vegetables while you chop. Or have him chop while you mix and stir.  Why? Because its all about the circle of love! It’s the every day type of simple tasks that build intimacy in a relationship. You count on him to do […]

19 06, 2014

Food and Relationships…..Enjoying Family Holidays

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Father’s Day was an intimate holiday gathering of our blended family. I love to take advantage of holidays to bring our families closer together. Married children, step children, daughter and son-in-laws, and in-laws’ parents, all appreciate being invite […]

17 06, 2014

Irene and I Got Everyone Into the Kitchen Saturday Night……

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Well, I had to do a proper post about our fabulous dinner party Irene, Margaret, and I put together while I was home in Memphis.  As usual, we had too much good food, laughs, wine, and fun.  Any time you get a few close friends together into the kitchen, […]

11 06, 2014

Weekly Chef Homage….This Week it’s Atlanta’s Kevin Gillespie

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Each week I will begin featuring a weekly chef homage so that my readers can get new ideas and share great recipes from the best and brightest chefs.  Since this is my inaugural week, I want to feature a southern chef, with whom I share a lot in common.


2 06, 2014

A Tight Knit Group…..Bonded by Tennis and Good Food!

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Our AA-3 Thursday team has been through thick and thin together.  We are one tight knit group!   Many of us are on  other teams together and some of us play regular weekly games.  When you and your teammates have gone head to head against strong opponents […]