Trout.capers,olives,wine,butter,in panMy husband and I were in Charlevoix MI a few years ago for a week in early August to get away from the Atlanta heat. We stayed with my best friend, Irene, in her family cottage and had fun seeing our mutual friends. Whenever Irene and I travel together, I’m always in charge of food. So of course, I can’t keep away from a nearby small white clapboard building right on the water that houses a fresh fish market. The fish was caught that day right out of the waters of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan and the burly men there cut up the fish in an open covered area of the building and sold it in the refrigeration cases just inside. The prices were ridiculously low and the fish was the most beautiful and freshest I had ever seen. The local White Fish looked amazing so I thought I’d try it.

I planned a first night dinner for the three of us. After I sprinkled sea salt and ground pepper on both sides, I sautéed three fillets that night in olive oil and a little butter for flavor. I covered the sauté pan as they sizzled in medium heat. After flipping them to the other side, I added a little more butter, added some capers, and squeezed the juice a whole lemon. I served them with steamed asparagus, that I had steamed in salted water with a little butter, and mashed potatoes. My husband Paul, Irene, and I sat down to a lovely table set for three, that Irene had beautifully set, and we three savored each bite of the delicately flavorful, mild, and flaky fish as we shared stories of the day, sights we had seen, and made plans for the rest of the week. There is nothing like sitting down to a delicious dinner with people you care about. It is special and people know it. They get excited about it as it a bit of a ceremony. A home-cooked dinner has become a lost art and people appreciate it more than you know. So get cooking! You can try this recipe with any mild white fish you like. Try it and let me know how it goes. I want to hear from you and send a picture of your cooked creation. I can help you learn how to cook delicious fish with tasty sides..