Paul & Me Bouchon Bouchon Lamb over Asperagus and Peas copy Bouchon Salad

Only in California, can you be in Beverly Hills one night feasting at Thomas Keller’s amazing Bouchon Bistro, then the next in the valley jamming with our favorite musician friends from Atlanta, Nashville, LA, and everywhere in between till the wee hours. What a great time Paul and I had! Between the food and the music, and the gorgeous landscape and weather, we didn’t want to go home.

The latest trends at Thomas Keller’s restaurant seemed to be larger portions of proteins, on top of generous portions of savory vegetables, simply and cleanly prepared. I was inspired to go home and put less oil and dressing on my salad and add more apples or sweeter fruits to add complexities naturally instead of coating the leaves with more fat. Bouchon is also practicing the cutting edge culinary technology of “sous vide” or the even cooking achieved by cooking the lamb in a vacuum sealed bag. While this sounds a bit unattractive, let me assure you it is the latest most amazing technique that practically guarantees moist, perfectly done meat that is flavorful, tender, and evenly cooked, even if parts of the meat are thicker than others. Our meal was done to perfection as only Thomas Keller can do. Paul and I can’t wait to return. Bon Appetit Thomas!

Derrick & PeterJeff Singing Jeff and Me at Keyboards

Our friends, Peter Stroud (Sheryl Crow) playing guitar with Derrick St. Holmes, (Ted Nugent), who is singing in the foreground. Our friend Jeff Adams (Starship) singing at our friend Steve’s house. Jeff and me at the keyboards. I got to do some back up singing for the guys which I always love doing.