We were in Charlevoix, MI, wrapping up the last few days of summer. Many of our friends had gone home. What better way than to make some hors d’oeuvres, grab a few bottles of wine, and invite the neighbors who are still in town. Blend old friends with new ones.

There is nothing better than fish caught every day and sold at the John Cross fish market. We got fresh smoked white fish for the party. It is always a big hit and so easy to serve. All you need is a pretty plate, some flowers, and a serving knife, and you are good to go.


At Irene’s family cottage, Susan helped grill the wrapped scallops. The grill was not cooperating so she had her work cut out to make it all happen!

The scallops came out just right and my dates wrapped in bacon with apricot and pistachios were a huge hit. Pictures don’t do either of these savory dishes justice, but none were left after the guests were gone. They were especially loved by my long time dear young friend, Alexander, pictured with his grand parents Missy and Jim. “Zander Man” and his other college friend ate most of them and that made me feel great! They were so excited that we made them. Nothing brings them home like good food and good company.


Another successful party with a little extra effort and a lot of appreciation. Invite your friends over for a glass of wine and a new hors d’oeuvre. You will make some new friends and they will all appreciate the fact that you made it for them!