Paul helping me cook.

It’s important to have him wash the vegetables while you chop. Or have him chop while you mix and stir.  Why? Because its all about the circle of love! It’s the every day type of simple tasks that build intimacy in a relationship. You count on him to do this.  He counts on you to do that.  You both revel in accomplishing a successful dinner together. Every one can go out to eat. But not everyone schedules or takes the time to just stay home, kick back,  and make a meal together.

The point is to have uninterrupted time  doing things together. Today many magazines’ covers say “20 minute recipes”, ” ….on and off the grill in 10 minutes”, or “no chopping”.  What is going on?  It seems everyone assumes we are all repulsed with any process that involves assembling a meal together or by ourselves.

I have found that people are missing the point.  The good stuff is in the preparation.  As much as people think they want to get away from being in the kitchen preparing a meal,  they regret that they don’t spend any meaningful downtime together.   Do you hurry through your relationship?  Or do you put quality time into your togetherness?  Use chopping, washing, and stirring as a reason to hang out with the one you love.  Change how you perceive cooking.  It might just be the spice you needed.

Savor the prep time and add some spice between the two of you in the kitchen...