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Kendrick Dopp

Welcome , I’m glad you’re here to Cook for Love!

I’m Kendrick Armistead Dopp, a Southern cook who loves French flavors paired with the perfect recipe for LOVE!  I believe food and relationships are two of the most important ingredients to create long-lasting love.  Cooking for Love is my passion and my gift to my husband, friends, and you!  My weekly blogs and savory recipes will help bring more Love into your lives.  One Dopp at a time!

From The Blog

How to Use Kitchen Prep Time to Communicate with Your Man

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Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving is always more about making memories than how good the food was. We had the best time with my husband’s son, daughter-in-law and her wond […]

My Adventure in Bordeaux

After checking into my beautiful historic hotel in the city center, I went to the Office de Tourisme to arrange for wine tours Saturday and Sunday […]

Party Testimonials

 Kendrick is known for hosting the best dinner parties and everyone leaves feeling loved! 
Kendrick came to my house this summer & cooked the most fabulous meal for 8 of our closest friends.  She prepared fresh grouper en papillote.  So delicious!  Prepared with lots of fresh herbs and vegetables.  I was the sous chef and helped her chop and prepare the vegetables. We also had cucumber almond soup that was so summery and cool–delightful. We even got my brother Jack into the kitchen to carve the fish for us. The ones that didn’t cook helped with the clean up–everyone had a job and it made for lots of camaraderie and fun.  A fabulous way to spend a summer evening! Margaret A.
Sherman, Collective
Kendrick is my beautiful, fun friend who loves to cook. Her boundless energy makes her a joy to be around. She creates wonderful meals that are delicious and healthy. Kendrick’s enthusiasm combined with her cooking talents are what makes her meals so special. Her dishes are always delicious and beautifully prepared. Her omelette are out of this world, her quiches are absolutely wonderful, any fish she cooks is perfection, especially trout ,it’s my favorite, and her sautéed vegetables are the very best. She makes a beautiful chocolate soufflé that is my absolute favorite dessert. Kendrick loves people and cooking for them is a perfect way for her express that. Kendrick is so passionate about her cooking that it makes all her meals so special and so much fun. She is a bright sprit in my life and I wish her much success and happiness in her new cooking career. Irene B.