Kendrick Armistead-Dopp

Cooking is not a job! It may seem that way to many, but it can become a passion if you take charge. It starts with a mindset change. It starts with you: You can grow passion within if you believe you will begin to see the benefits of creating and devouring a simple, nourishing meal. What’s in it for you? A favorite dish you enjoy that you can make for yourself. What do you really want for dinner tonight? Make planning your meal something you look forward to, and prepare it to share with others. Let them know you are sharing one of your favorite dishes. Get excited when visualizing the favorite thing you like to eat and how it looks preparing it. Imagine: How good will it taste? Start tasting it as you hurry home to create it. This dinner can be for you to savor and share with yourself or for you to enjoy and share with others. Either way, it is for you!