Cooking for love Atlanta

This blog is about a book I’ve been working on for the past few years. It is called Cooking for Love. This is not a cookbook to teach cooking. This is not a book full of amazing recipes to compete with the greatest recipes ever written. Instead, this is a cookbook that teaches how to cook for love of oneself or for love with others. It gives a couple the space to work through recipes together with intimacy and understanding. It gives new relationships the opportunity to build camaraderie through trial and error of ingredients. Cooking together gives friendships a chance to grow. When relationships disappoint, recipes will soothe the soul and give hope that the best ingredients are yet to come.

I have studied writing at Emory, researched books, interviewed couples who have cooked together, have consulted therapists, have been a lifelong cook since I was thirteen, and have personally lived the words in this book to heal myself and strengthen important relationships. Using the process of cooking as a platform to build, maintain, and heal relationships has helped me find the intimate life I always wanted within myself and with others. Through these successful experiences, I want to share with the blog community in effort to reach others. My desire is to help others find their way in life better through these methods, ideas, and experiences. And learn to cook some tasty recipes along the way. My hope is that bloggers will find this subject matter relevant and get intrigued enough to not only keep reading but also start incorporating some of these ideas into their daily lives.