After checking into my beautiful historic hotel in the city center, I went to the Office de Tourisme to arrange for wine tours Saturday and Sunday. All sold out on the first day, I managed to at least get a seat on a bus that got me to St. Emillion where I could meet a vintner for a semi private tour, with whom I’m standing with at the vineyard above. Being my first time there, speaking novice-intermediate French, I was confused about buses and which bus was the right one to board.

My newest friend, who I met at the stop next to the office, was Margot, pictured above. She just graduated law school and was going on the same bus. She talked with the driver for me, helped me get my round trip back to the city of Bordeaux with the same driver. We had the best time talking about our lives, hers in Bordeaux and mine in the U.S. We had so much in common that we talked the entire 75 minute trip until she got off one stop before me. We are now FB friends and will always be connected. The world is small. She shot this cute pic of us before she left!

Once in St. Emillion, I walked the tiny ville, visited a few shops, then went to my semi private tour of a Grand Cru vineyard called Chateau Villemaurine. My guide pictured with me above was wonderful. I had such a good time with her and the two couples who also toured that I am thinking of going back next weekend and renting a room in their bed and breakfast on their property. Here we are overlooking the Grand Cru Vineyards of Villemarine.

After the two hour wine tour and the three hour round trip, I was hungry when I got back to the hotel. The concierge recommended this restaurant known for fish that took me about fifteen minutes to walk, but worth every minute. It was called L’Embarcdere and so good that I went every night! I’m funny that way. If I find an excellent restaurant, then I’m happy to go back again.

Le Saumon tartare
Night street scène

In closing, people are the same wherever you go in the world. Everyone is living their life, doing normal everday things. My new friend Margot is so sharp and so fun to be with that she would fit right into Atlanta. It’s amazing when I think of how quickly I’ve made new friends along my journey hère. French people want to help and just when I’m in need, a new friend always seems to pop up to help guide me.