After finishing the end of week two in Buffet and Catering, our class has successfully learned how to take all the cooking skills we have learned over the past year at Le Cordon Bleu, and scaled up our production to create 50 plates and do this within 2 hours all while keeping everything clean and organized.

We were working on breakfast/brunch foods right now. I’m thrilled to say that we successfully recreated traditional breakfast or brunch mainstay entrees seen in most restaurants every weekend into exciting new twists that our instructor and other executive chefs including our school president found delicious. We served 50 people and got resounding praise on our creativity, presentation, and flavor. Here was a sample of some of our dishes we prepared and served.

Above in the background, were shot glasses full of a roasted carrot, sweet onion, ginger soup topped with a mini brie cheese sandwich. In the foreground were individual egg benny salads featuring eggs on top of bacon strips and potato cakes topped with Hollandaise, arugula and blue cheese.


These were delicious Eggs Benedict entrees served on top of a fried onion rings. They were amazing with this twist. How unexpected it was to taste that savory crispy onion ring that resembled an English muffin.


The above was fish and grits. We were out of shrimp, so Erica decided to use red snapper and create a savory dish by making a butter poached Red Snapper on creamy Cojita Polenta topped with with warm bacon cream. She made the polenta with garlic, onions, cream cheese, thyme, Spanish paprika,salt and pepper. It was a basic shrimp and grits recipe with a twist. Love substituting normal ingredients with complimentary ones that took it over the edge and surprised our guests!


Brittany and Octavia did this unexpected dish that is a Caribbean sole wrap served with a spicy mango salsa. For variety there was also a savory egg wrap mixed in.


These were the most amazing French toast sliders. Basically, the group made a sweet tasting bread made with cinnamon, cardamon, sugar, and some brown sugar, baked it, then cut it out with a round cutter, then pan sautéed it, cut it open, then spread a cream cheese and raspberry jam filling inside and served it, calling them sliders. They were great. So beautiful and really were not too hard to make.