Cheese Cake - Choc & caramel strawberry

Final exams in Pastry & Baking at Le Cordon Bleu….Finished with A+! It’s hard to keep up with website posting when we have daily quizzes, projects, and graded kitchen practicals (chefs critiquing your dishes like you see on TV!). Here is a quick post of some of the deserts I made and plated during this past week. The chocolate mousse cake covered with ganache shown above was my best. It’s fun to learn the tricks of four star restaurant desert plating! Culinary school is demanding and tough, but its so much fun to learn.

Tuile Stencil Cookies
These Tuile stencil cookies on sheet above, are molded into shapes and bent/curved while still hot from the oven. They add height, texture, and excitement to each dish. My teacher did the last one with the stenciled spoon. Chef Santana is amazing!!! She taught me to be good at pastry and baking! Who would’ve known?
Cheese Cake Spoon Plating