7 04, 2014

Traveler’s Tale of Food

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My husband and I were in Charlevoix MI a few years ago for a week in early August to get away from the Atlanta heat. We stayed with my best friend, Irene, in her family cottage and had fun seeing our mutual friends. Whenever Irene and I travel together, I […]

7 04, 2014

Men Want Women Who Cook

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I stumbled onto a two year old blog. A woman was writing about dating and the subject of cooking while dating came about. Readers blogged away asking, “at what stage in a relationship do you cook for someone you like?”. A bunch of men wrote in and said “i […]

20 03, 2014

Cooking Together Recipe – Omelets for Two!

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So how do you get started cooking together? Get yourself and your friend or significant other motivated and make omelettes first thing in the morning for breakfast or later in the day for brunch. They are fun to create and share.  I’ve made them on girl’s […]

17 03, 2014

Get a New Passion

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Cooking is not a job! It may seem that way to many, but it can become a passion if you take charge. It starts with a mindset change. It starts with you: You can grow passion within if you believe you will begin to see the benefits of creating and devour […]

7 03, 2014

Cooking for Love – The Book

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This blog is about a book I’ve been working on for the past few years. It is called Cooking for Love. This is not a cookbook to teach cooking. This is not a book full of amazing recipes to compete with the greatest recipes ever written. Instead, this is […]

16 12, 2013

What is Cooking for Love?

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Cooking for Love is a little known concept.  When we hear the word cooking, we envision slaving away over hot stove, running to stores, searching frantically for recipes, all the while paralyzed with fear and dread.

Cooking for Love takes the focus away […]

15 12, 2013

Adding Spice & Everything Nice

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What is behind the ingredients?  The Spices?

What did you actually experience when you used a certain spice or ingredient with a special boyfriend, girlfriend, or friend?

If everyone wants a very romantic night, then starting out with an oyster dish, an […]

14 12, 2013

Is Cooking a Safe Haven?

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Does Cooking provide a safe haven for building or healing relationships?  Maybe this is why more and more people are writing cookbooks today.  Why is everyone coming out of the woodwork to write a cookbook now?  There are so many cookbooks that the chance […]

12 12, 2013

Cooking for Intimacy

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When cooking to spark a conversation or take the evening in a certain direction, one had to consider what recipes one would choose.  What is behind the recipes/menus?   One has to recall what has worked in the past.  Some questions one should think about […]